Alena Natalia Charow
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Yoga has been an integral part throughout Alena's life, beginning with having an Iyengar teacher for a mother. Yoga found its way independently into Alena's life when she discovered the Ashtanga Vinyasa system of yoga at the age of twenty-one. She has since travelled extensively to teach and to study yoga with many renowned teachers all over the world. She is a dedicated and passionate yoga teacher and practitioner and teaches to holistically spread the benefits of yoga around the world. Alena's teaching style is intuitive, dynamic and fluid, with attention to detail, awareness of alignment and accurate adjustments. Her teaching is reflective of both the power and grace of the yoga practice. Alena works with students on the physical, mental and energetic levels to help them safely transcend preconceived limitations, to unfold and discover their own capability and potential, and to guide them to transform their lives.

Alena is certified to teach with a 500hr level of training accredited internationally and by Yoga Alliance. She teaches traditional Ashtanga yoga, Pranayama, Yin Yoga, meditation techniques, yoga therapy, and yoga theory and philosophy. Alena teaches yoga Patanjali's eight limbed Yoga as it has been taught to her and in accordance with the Ashtanga Yoga traditions and Sri K. Pattabhi Jois's lineage of the Ashtanga yoga system.

Alena continues to maintain a daily practice of the Primary and Intermediate Series of the Ashtanga Yoga System and a regular practice of Pranayama and Meditation, as well as a regular study of yoga philosophy, energetics, anatomy and physiology, and history from her teachers and primary and secondary texts. Alena continues with great gratitude to study, apprentice and teach with the guidance of her teachers certified Ashtanga teacher Hamish Hendry of London, UK and Yogi Sunil Sharma of Rishikesh, India. In addition to study with teachers, Alena is self-taught, with much of her understanding and knowledge coming directly from experience, the practice, as well as the study of primary and secondary texts. When not in Shelburne Falls, Alena can be found teaching and developing yoga programs in India, London, and Tel Aviv.

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