Private Lessons

Private Yoga Lessons provide an opportunity for you to connect more with your own body, mind and spirit, as well as to deepen your practice. Your focus might be on specific yoga poses or categories of poses, or perhaps you need guidance on breathing exercises. Your one-on-one time with your instructor can be designed especially to suit your individual needs and goals.

There are many reasons private yoga instruction may be beneficial to you. These are but a few:

  • You are new to yoga and need guidance in establishing a solid foundation for your practice.
  • You would like to enlist the aid of an experienced teacher to co-create a home practice that meets your specific needs.
  • Your busy schedule does not permit time to attend a studio class.
  • You are easily distracted or feel competitive in group classes.
  • You are an athlete and want to create a bridge between various sports or athletic activities, or you want to create complementary training to your regular regimen.
  • You have reached a plateau in your yoga practice and need more individualized attention to move to the next level of practice.
  • You need assistance working with an injury or illness and know that yoga can help.

Who can benefit from private yoga instruction?

Athletes: Private Lessons are an excellent complement to personal fitness training and provide excellent cross-training support for athletes who wish to enhance flexibility, stamina and strength, as well as to create balance between seasonal sports.

New Students: As a new student, you may be intimidated by the group class environment. One-on-one instruction allows your teacher to focus on your specific concerns as a new practitioner and can help prepare you for regular yoga classes, as well as provide ongoing support.

Experienced Students: Gain deeper insight into specific postures or categories of postures that interest you. Time spent with your instructor can help you deepen your practice and guide you to more advanced poses while focusing on a more complex understanding of anatomical alignment, energy and breathing.

To book your Private Lesson with Lindel Hart or explore your options for private instruction, contact Lindel by email or call 413.768.9291.

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