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Morning Yoga (all levels)
The perfect way to start your day! Class begins with breath awareness exercises and a few moments of quiet reflection. Some gentle stretching opens the way to a practice of yoga poses to build strength, flexibility and awareness. A moderately demanding class, those who prefer a gentler experience should consult with the instructor for modifications or alternate poses, as required. Individuals who desire a more demanding practice are encouraged to increase the intensity of their experience as needed.
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Slow Flow Hatha Yoga (all levels)
The tempo of this hatha yoga class is slow. You will be inspired to deepen your mind-body connection while building strength and flexibility. Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basic postures or a more experienced student wanting a slower practice to explore the subtleties of each posture, this class is for you. Attention to alignment, breathing, energy lines, sensory mindfulness, visualization, and a spirit of inquiry are all used as tools to help students delve into the ever-changing dynamics between awareness and movement. You are encouraged to go at your own pace and listen to your body. Modifications are offered, if needed. This class complements the more vigorous fast-flowing yoga practices, as well as other exercise routines, and is a wonderful toner to modern day on the run culture.

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Iyengar-based Yoga
Fine-tune your yoga practice with this Iyengar-based class. Following the instructional style and theories of BKS Iyengar, this class focuses on alignment, breathing, strength and flexibility while developing sensitivity to the subtleties of the mind/body connection. Suitable for practitioners of all levels, this class can be as gentle or as demanding as you like, with guidance for modifying poses as needed.

And during the winter months, this class will be held in the beauty of candlelight as we await the lengthening of the days in the spring.
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Power Yoga (not for beginners)
For those of you with an established yoga practice and an understanding of vinyasa (flow) yoga, challenge yourself with 60 minutes of dynamic vinyasa and strengthening yoga. And, as an added bonus, you can stay for the Gentle Yoga class immediately following Power Yoga at no additional charge! Two classes for the price of one!

The Power Yoga class occasionally features live drumming by Dave Noonan!
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Gentle Yoga (all levels)
True to its name, this 60-minute gentle yoga class features many floor-based poses and stretches and a few standing poses for strength and balance. If you have injuries or other conditions that require a modified practice, this class may be a valuable asset to your well-being.
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